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Courtesy: © the artist
Photograph: Michael Seh

Glass Choices

I know why I took a photograph of two different types of glass assembled inside one picture frame. It felt redundant to illustrate the difference between the two, because advertising Conservation Clear* and Museum Glass* displays the same artificial flower through and through. This is an example of bad art marketing.

Courtesy: © Xtreme Training Academy
Photograph: Brian Waters

blow the whistle

I’m going to have to blow the whistle[i] and report myself to coach Waters. After a decade of dribbling a basketball to ‘Fake Spin Hesitation’[ii], a video tutorial of coach Waters teaching my body how to pull a hesi[iii] on an opposing basketball player, I fumble the basketball. Although I never made it past an opposing basketball player to dunk on a ten feet hoop, a common wrongdoing is that I can’t fake it till I make it.

I may need to talk with coach Waters for violation of losing the basketball before the next game.

[i] To call the police for one’s wrongdoing.

[ii] Signature move created by American professional basketball player, Chris Paul (CP3).

[iii] Short for hesitation. Basketball terminology to describe a hesitated, fake spin.